Flatiron Allergy & Astham Center

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    Allergy, Allergy Shots, Allergy Drops, Sinus, Food Allergy, Food Intolerance, Allergic Rashes, For Athletes, For Outdoor Enthusiasts, Other Allergic, Immunologic Disorders

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Information for Louisville Office:
Avista Hospital Medical Office
90 Health Park Drive
Suite 170
Louisville, CO, USA - 80027 Ph:+1 303 862 3303 Fax:+1 303 862 3308

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Information for Longmont Office:
1361 Francis Street, Suite 101
Longmont, CO, USA - 80501 Ph:+1 720 745 8437 Fax:+1 720 745 8438

Welcome to the Flatiron Allergy & Asthma Center, Louisville office website.

We are a full service allergy, asthma & immunology clinic providing comprehensive pediatric, adolescent and adult care of:

Our clinic completes a full suite of allergy & immunology related testing including:

For those patients with allergies, allergic asthma, and insect sting anaphylaxis, we offer specific allergen immunotherapy (allergy shots).

We accept most insurance and have readily available appointments.

We look forward to providing you high quality, compassionate, and friendly medical care in a comfortable atmosphere.