NMC Healthcare - Oman

  • Hospital / Surgery Center

Address & Directions
NMC Specialty Hospital, Ghoubra
P O Box 613, P C 133,
Al Ghoubra
Email: nmc.ghoubra@nmcoman.com
Muscat, Oman Ph:+968 2450 4000 Fax:+968 2450 1101

Address & Directions
NMC Specialty Hospital, Ruwi
P.B. No.: 613, PC: 133, MBD East,
E-mail: nmc.ruwi@nmcoman.com
Muscat, Oman Ph:+968 2481 1706 Fax:+968 2481 1812

Address & Directions
NMC Medical Centre, Seeb
P.B.No.: 205, PC 121,
Wadi Al Lawami Al Seeb
E-mail: nmc.seeb@nmcoman.com
Seeb, Muscat, Oman Ph:+968 2442 3894 Fax:+968 2481 1812

Address & Directions
NMC Royal Medical Centre, Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos
NMC Royal Medical Centre, Villa No. 21,
Complex 217, Al Inshirah Street, Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos,
Muscat, Oman Ph:+968 2460 0026 Fax:+968 2460 4100

Address & Directions
NMC Healthcare Corporate Office
NMC Healthcare LLC
Suite - 54, 5th Floor,
Super Plaza, P O Box 613,
Muscat, Oman Ph:+968 2459 4531 Fax:+968 2459 4537

For 43 years, NMC Healthcare has earned the reputation of being a world-class medical institution synonymous with genuine care and commitment. NMC Healthcare is proud to be one of the few companies in the GCC and the first from the UAE to be listed on the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange. NMC is part of the FTSE-100 index as well. Every day over 12,000 patients receive treatment at NMC facilities across UAE, Spain, Italy, Colombia, Denmark, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Oman. NMC's team of 1,200 doctors and 10,000 paramedical and support personnel manages 9 hospitals, 15 medical centers, 3 long term care facilities, 2 day -surgery centers, 13 fertility clinics and 1 home health services provider. Enabled by the latest technology, a team of highly skilled medical professionals and a commitment to render exceptional service.

As part of its global expansion plans, NMC has launched its operations in Oman in 2017 with state-of-the-art medical facilities in the region with the aim of providing quality, compassionate and affordable healthcare. The facilities have been initiated with NMC Specialty Hospital-Al Ghoubra, NMC Specialty Hospital-Ruwi, NMC Medical Centre-Al Seeb and NMC Royal Medical Centre-Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos. Our unmatched healthcare operations knowledge and insights allow us to conceptualize the best possible management plans for health facilities, keeping in mind the promoters' vision and objectives.

Strategy and Vision

At NMC Healthcare, we guarantee personalised care, genuine concern and a sincere commitment to the overall well-being of society. We believe that healthcare is simply not about detecting, diagnosing, informing or treating an individual but it is about helping people to lead a wholesome and healthy life. We are committed to serving the communities where we do business and pledge to provide our customers with hope - Hope of a Healthy and Happy Life.