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Sparsh Super Speciality Hospital
4/1, Tumkur Road,
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Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560022 Ph:Enquiry: +91 80 4910 8000
Appointment: +91 80 4910 8111

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SPARSH Hospital for Accidents
Plastic & Maxillo Facial Surgery
#29/P2, The Health City
Bommasandra Industrial Area
Hosur Road
Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560099 Ph:+91 80 46428900 / +91 80 61141000

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Infantry Road

SPARSH Hospital for Advanced Surgeries
# 146, Infantry Road
(Opp.Police Commissioners Office)
Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560001 Ph:+91 80 3328 2000 Fax:Fax: +91 80 3328 2111

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SSIMS-SPARSH Centre for Accidents
Bone & Joint Care
Jnanashankara, N.H. 4, P.B. No. 1
Bypass Road
Davanagere, Karnataka, India - 577 005 Ph:+91 8192266123 Fax:+91 9686929090

The Story of SPARSH


In our initial years itself, we at SPARSH have achieved much that we are truly proud of. We have performed some very complex surgeries, have pushed ourselves every single day and have tried to always live up to our endeavour of touching as many lives as possible. For us at SPARSH, every day is a new day which comes with different opportunities, new challenges and the opportunity to reach out to more people.

Within a year of starting SPARSH Hospital for Accidents, Orthopaedics and Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery and performing over a 1000 surgeries in this short span of time, we became a name that came to be associated with quality healthcare. In 2007 we dealt with a very unique case. Prabhu was born with a foot growing out of his back. Mocked and taunted by his classmates, Prabhu grew reluctant to go to school. His future looked bleak, but his surgery at the expert hands of the SPARSH team has taken him back to school again. The success of this, gave us a national recognition.

SPARSH Hospital

The next year was perhaps one that placed before India and the world a very complex case. A case which seemed very difficult, a condition that was indeed rare and a challenge that was enormous. Born with eight limbs, Lakshmi Tatma is the surviving twin of a pair of conjoined twins. Lakshmi could barely drag herself around, and she had already become an object of considerable curiosity and misguided reverence. After a 27-hour surgery by Dr. Sharan Patil and his committed team, Lakshmi’s life has changed. Today, she is a healthy, normal child. This particular case received international coverage and was truly a one of its kind case. This was a surgery not conceivable for any ordinary Hospital. We challenged the limitations of medical science and the case of Lakshmi Tatma gave hope to children with similar conditions across the country.

At SPARSH we stand for achieving Clinical Excellence with Social Relevance. Making a difference and having a larger impact on our Society at large is very fundamental to us. We want to make quality healthcare accessible to the poorer and we see this as our responsibility. In 2009 we started SPARSH Vachana which has now become an annual event where we perform surgeries for children with complex orthopedic conditions completely free of cost. Seeing the smiles on the faces of these little ones and their families after the success of these surgeries is the greatest reward we could ask for.

The following year we decided to reach out to the elderly in our society. We started “Guru Namana” which is again held once a week every year where we operate on teachers with orthopedic problems, again completely free of cost. This initiative has touched the lives of many and is helping us reach out to a wide cross section of people.

quo is what motivates us to do even better. We had always wanted to start a Hospital specifically for higher end interventions in the area of Orthopedics, which would bring the finest talent from India and abroad and where medical care would truly be of an internationally renowned standard. SPARSH Hospital For Advanced Surgeries was inaugurated in April 2011 in Bangalore. With this new endeavor we seek to reach the zenith in our field.

We at SPARSH know we have a lot to feel proud of. In a short span of just 9 years we have achieved a tremendous amount. Today, we are successfully delivering our excellence as Super-Specialty Hospital in Yeshwanthpur (Launched in May 2015). SPARSH has grown to a 1000+ employees with expertise across various specialties and delivering excellent care to people from all walks of life.

SPARSH Hospital

But we want to do more and it is this energy and zeal that makes each moment an opportunity to exceed what has already been achieved. Our story, we believe is a journey. It has no end.