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To succeed in today’s competitive world, your child needs all the support and love and education he or she can get. It seems like every year there is more and more pressure put on our children to excel. And if your child is lagging behind, we need to deal with this problem quickly before it goes any further.

Okay, they are just a few of the warning signs and problems your child faces if he or she suffers some form of speech or learning disorder. There are others.

And the children I treat are all affected in different ways and their disabilities in learning and speech range from mild to the extreme. Each child is different and my treatment is personally tailored to suit each particular child’s unique set of circumstances.

The IMPORTANT point to remember is this…

If your child is suffering some form of speech or learning disorder, then you can get the right help for them. The problem can be managed. And here’s how…

Early Speech Therapy Nips These Problems In The Bud… Encouraging Your Child To Improve And Reach His Or Her Own Potential

My system gets results. And the sooner you notice problems and begin treatment, the better it is for your child. In fact, the majority of children that we see get long-lasting improvement in just one or two blocks of treatment.

Not only that, we realise you’re busy, so we are opened at times that suit you…

Give Your Child The Opportunity To Improve!

Here Are 7 Compelling Reasons
To Call Braithwaite Speech & Learning Clinic Today!

Reason #1: Experienced Therapists

Because I have been a Professional Speech Pathologist since 1980 I have the skills, energy and know-how to improve your child’s skills, building on their current strengths.

I’ve helped literally hundreds of children regain their confidence and enjoy a more rewarding and happier future. Because I’m a member of Speech Pathology Australia (our governing body) this means I keep up to date with the most recent advances and I must comply with the strict standards set by our association. This means your child is in experienced, very capable hands

Reason #2: No One In Our Industry Dares To Match Our No Satisfaction, Money Back Policy!

Because of our service, you can rest easy knowing your child is getting the very best of care.

Braithwaite Speech and Learning Clinic
Money Back Policy
You see, I know 100% that, if your child undertakes our training and completes all sessions and homework, he or she will…
  • Develop better social skills
  • Develop better communication skills, and
  • Develop better literacy skills…

Or I’ll refund every cent of your money.
That’s right. If your child hasn’t made specific and measurable gains, your therapy investment will be returned in full. I can’t be any fairer than that.

Reason #3: My Hands On Heart Policy

If your child is suffering from poor speech, language or learning skills, we have the answers to help your child to develop, and reach his or her personal potential.

Reason #4: Convenient Hours

Because we are opened before and after school six days per week, I’m sure we can find a time that suits you and that won’t inconvenience your schedule.

Clinic hours are: Monday to Saturday, 8am until 6:30pm. Phone: +61 2 9797 1880

We are now open 8.30 to 5.30 Monday to Friday and 9 to 4pm Saturday Our Drummoyne Practice is open 8.30 to 5.30

Reason #5: Our Results

Because I’ve been practicing from 1980, I’ve developed a predictable and consistent system that gets the results you are looking for. I’ve personally taken each and every one of my Therapists through this system and their understanding of it is as good as mine. It works, and we know. The majority of children that we see, get steady and long-lasting improvement in just one or two blocks of treatment.

(Supporting study: Hodson, B. (2007). Introduction and overview. In B. Hodson (Ed.), Evaluating and enhancing children’s phonological systems (pp. 3-7). Greenville, SC: Thinking Publications University)

Reason #6: We Make You Welcome

After every session with your child, we allocate time for you, the parent, so we can discuss your child’s progress and address any concerns you may have. Plus, you are free to call any time to talk to us.

Reason #7: FREE

Comprehensive Test Results Report

Valued at $130.00

After our first session with your child, we will give you a detailed written report that outlines exactly what difficulties have been revealed in testing that your child has (if any), but more importantly,how we are going to treat them. Most other therapists charge for this service… up to $130.

However, if you hurry and book your first Evaluation session, you’ll get this report absolutely FREE!

So What’s Your Next Step?

Well if you’re concerned about your child, if you’re worried he or she is slipping behind the rest of the class…

if you’ve noticed that things aren’t quite right and your child is having trouble, then call us now on +61 2 9797 1880 and book your first Evaluation appointment.

And please be assured there is no obligation to continue with our services. Just come in and give yourself some peace of mind and find out what it really is that’s troubling your child. We will give your child a friendly, personalised assessment that gives us a clear idea of where your child’s strength and weaknesses are.

Then, we’ll give you a personalised, individually designed programme that’s unique to your child.

PLUS, we give you a FREE Comprehensive Test Results Report Valued at $130.00 that spells out in plain English how we plan to manage any problems your child faces. But once again, you are under no obligation to use our services… the choice is entirely yours to make.

I know you care about your child’s future. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have taken the time to read this report. So the next step is up to you.

Give your child the best chance of getting back on track and improving in school and in life. Call +61 2 9797 1880 right now while it’s fresh on your mind. Give your child this opportunity and then look forward to a brighter, more rewarding future for your whole family.

Looking forward to meeting you and your child.

Warm Regards,
Barbara Braithwaite

“The Speech Pathologist Who Strives For,
Measurable Results Or You Pay Nothing!”

Braithwaite Speech & Learning Clinic

P.S. Avoid disappointment. This offer is strictly limited. We can only afford to do just 9 FREE reports each month (they take around an hour to do). To receive your FREE Comprehensive Test Results Report you must book your session within the next ten days and be one of the first 9 people to call. Call now while it’s fresh on your mind +61 2 9797 1880.

P.P.S. I almost forgot. You can find our clinic at 2 Lapish Avenue in Ashfield… we’re just off Liverpool Road. We also have a clinic at Suite 6, 27 Lyons Rd, Drummoyne (Next to the Fire station).

Our Drummoyne address is now
Drummoyne Counselling Centre
Suite 4, 159 Victoria Road,
Drummoyne Enter Formosa Street
above DMC Medical Centre

P.P.P.S. If you have any questions, please click on the Frequently Asked Question link below for many of the most commonly asked questions we receive. And click on the What Others Say link below as well and discover what 19 happy local parents had to say recently about my clinic and the results we have achieved for their children. See for yourself why we guarantee to fix your child’s learning difficulties or our service is FREE.

The Staff is Always Willing To Help…

‘The professionalism shown by the Staff here is admirable, always willing to assist in the best way they can. My child enjoys having lessons with his Therapist, she made it enjoyable and exciting for him.’

Mary Vezoso, Mother of Dean aged 10 years

My Son Loves The Prizes!…

‘All Lachlan’s lessons run on time. Therapy has helped him focus on tasks he needs to. He has been given encouragement and prizes, which he loves. Therapy has helped him understand how to write and answer various questions he would be getting at school.’

Helen Mackintosh, Mother of Lachlan aged 9 years

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